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Feb 23, 2014

Babe Ruth's Pocket watch sells for $700K

The pocket watch of Babe Ruth from the 1923 World Series was sold for a whopping amount of $717,000 on February 22, at the auction in New York City.
The 14-Karat gold pentagon shaped watch was bought by a telephone bidder who has chosen to remain anonymous. The watch was a part of  the set given to Babe Ruth and his Yankees teammates after they beat the New York Giants in the 1923 World Series.

Feb 17, 2014

Sochi Olympics: Top 5Medal count

Russia and US lead Olympic medal count with 18 each; Netherlands has 17, Norway and Canada have 15 each

Feb 16, 2014

Feb 8, 2014

Sochi Winter Olympics ring FAIL!!

The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sochi is considered the most expensive Olympics Opening Ceremony. The ceremony was fantastic with the exotic display of the culture and history of Russia, and the run with the fire by Russia's best athletes. The ceremony was amazing and all that, but something went wrong known as "THE RING FAIL", there were four rings instead of five. The magnificent attempt to display the Olympics symbol when the fifth ring refused to form. What a way ruin the ceremony, the ceremony was still amazing any ways and that is what I think. What do you think?

Feb 7, 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo Banned from 3 La Liga Matches

Real Madrid soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo has been suspended from 3 La Liga matches because he misbehaved while getting of the field after he was given a red card at Athletic Bilbao. 

Cristiano Ronaldo was given a red card after a dispute with the Athletic Bilbao players in a 1-1 draw on Feb. 2, and he slapped his cheek while leaving the field and in Spain slapping your cheek means showing 
disdain for another person's behavior.

He received a match ban for the red card and two match bans for his gesture after the red card.