Feb 22, 2014

The Truth About The Truth About Celebrities

I am sure we all wonder why celebrities act the way they do. Miley Cyrus bursting out twerking and Justin turning from the sweet kid on YouTube to a trouble making monster making the Yahoo headlines for his bad behaviors.
I am sure you are expecting me to tell why the situation is this way. Well, unfortunately, I am also on the same side you are and wondering as you are doing. Let us analyze the changes in behaviors of the celebrities this days. Do they just wake up one morning and get possessed with demons?
That is not logical. The outburst of Miley Cyrus surprised me the most because I have gotten used to her as one sweet teenager with her life on the spotlight which has changed now because she is now really on the spotlight but not the way most people expected. I found online a few weeks or days ago that Miley said that when she "was a kid, she acted like an adult, and now that she is an adult, she is acting like a kid. Justin Bieber's "good boy turns bad" wasn't a surprise at all to me because it was gradual processing with his crimes ascending every time he made the headlines. My opinion is that we might not know the true life of our celebrities to judge them by tabloids and about the outburst part of them changing is either to get attention or to show that they can do what they want and, they don't have to fall over themselves to please the world because they also have their own life.

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